Czech Institute For Biosynthesis (CIB)

Biosynthesis is a new approach towards somatic psychotherapy. Its methods use client’s inner signals and movements which are then followed by specific techniques.

Milestones of Czech Institute for Biosynthesis

  • 2007 founding of the Czech Institute for Biosynthesis
  • offers psychotherapeutic training in Biosynthesis
  • psychotherapeutic training is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Health
  • training is included in the life-long learning system for clinical psychologists
  • offers psychotherapeutic services to a wide spectrum of individuals in di cult and demanding life situations
  • has earned accreditation from the European Association for Psychotherapy and is among the European Accredit- ed Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTI)
  • training programmes and supervision for both attendees and graduates of psychotherapeutic training sessions
  • open workshops and group sessions for members of the general and professional public

Mission Statement

The Czech Institute for Biosynthesis strives to create an environment suitable for implementing the method in expert and therapeutic field in the Czech Republic.

  • The Institute organizes and guarantees complete training in biosynthesis, a psychotherapeutic method accredited in the Czech health care system. the method is also accredited by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) as well as the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP).
  • The Institute organizes workshops as well as other events introducing the method to both expert and general public. It participates in projects aiming to apply biosynthesis in other fields: education, social work, and mid-level health-care staff training.
  • The Institute collects books as well as other materials related to the method.
  • The Institute translates basic texts related to biosynthesis and supports their publication.
  • The Institute organizes and offers supervision of work in the field of biosynthesis.
  • The Institute closely cooperates with the IIBS in Heiden and introduces the latest biosynthesis methods and techniques.
  • The Institute supports international cooperation of English and German speaking biosynthesis therapists and lecturers.
  • The Institute provides information on events as well as latest developments on its website.

Biosynthesis Accreditation

EAP Accreditation

In 2014 Czech Institute for Biosynthesis has earned accreditation from the European Association for Psychotherapy and is among the European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTI).

Accreditation for Healthcare System

In September 2010 the CBI submitted a detailed description of biosynthesis educational and training program to the Czech Psychotherapeutic Society for review. in late 2010 accreditation took place involving the Czech Psychiatric Society, the Association of Clinical Psychologists of the Czech Republic, and representatives of the Graduate Institute of Health-Care Education. Our training program met all the criteria and was certified for healthcare system in the Czech Republic.

Accreditation for Educational System

The Institute seeks to achieve accreditation for its training program in the school system, education, and upbringing. the effort is based upon the fact that biosynthesis methods and theory are suitable, interesting and innovative for work with children. Besides others we draw on our experience with Application of Biosynthesis in Primary Prevention of Risky Behaviour grant program. We are currently preparing an application for certification within the system of further education of education providers.